Exhibitions and projects

T Ö R E D E K É K E K / F R A G A G M E N T S

Queer Exhibition, 2020, Nov 7-8_ Skurc_ group exhibition

– debut show of the new members of the Studio of Young Photographers

(FFS) 2020.10.17 – 25. _ group exhibition

HYPEROBJECT , 2020, Kahan Art Space_solo show

Colony art festival 2020, Népsziget, Skurc

FRESH MEAT, BPF, Hybridart, Budapest_ group exhibition

By Anxious Image, 2019, MAMŰ Gallery, Budapest_ group exhibition

Open doors Vol1, 2019, Népsziget_ group exhibition

Collusion 2019, Székesfehérvár_ with Nóra Szabó

Diploma project, 2019, Barcsay hall

Implied Body, 2018, Telep, Budapest_ solo show